A girl sitting on the floor wearing sandals
December 27, 2019

What are sandals for the beach?

  1. Wide-Strapped Slides
  2. Abaca Mules
  3. Cross-Strapped Slides
  4. Cross-Strapped with Buckle Slides
  5. Three Narrow-Strapped Slides
  6. Banig-Made Slippers

Every moment at the beach is picture-worthy. Ditch those rubber slippers and replace them with trendy, Filipino-inspired sandals. Don’t get caught wearing those tacky slippers! From mules to slides, here are some of the stylish and comfy flat sandals in the Philippines you can take with you to the beach. Make a fashion statement as you take fine bikini pictures while wearing or holding your favorite pair of sandals.

Wide-Strapped Slides

Wide Strapped Slides

If you have wide feet, make wide-strapped slides your best friend! Brit in rose color and Celestre are wide-strapped slides that are great companions at the beach. Their soft-tones and Aztec-inspired designs make them suitable for any beach bikini outfit you are flaunting.

The soles are made for walking long distances. It is soft yet sturdy enough to support the weight of a person walking on sand. Wear wide-strapped slides on the way and while you are at the beach. With that, there is no need for you to pack all types of footwear.

Abaca Mules

Abaca Mule Sandals

Mules are shoes that consist of no back constraints or support around the feet’s ankles. While mules are labeled as shoes because they cover the toes, many would use them as they would with sandals. Mules have been repurposed, which means that they are no longer used as boudoir shoes. Instead, they are being used for occasions in different locations. While the Ingrid Natural Abaca Mules are stylish and suitable for beach trips, they are not advisable to be used for walking on the sand. Nevertheless, they are comfortable for walking long distances with only half an inch heel.

Cross-Strapped Slides

Cross Strapped Slides

Similar to wide-strapped slides, cross-strapped slides flatter wide feet. The way the straps are overlapping one another conceals a portion of the foot that allows for some skin to show. Isabel Abacca is the perfect cross-strapped sandals for the beach. They come in a wheat color with golden brown soles.

Aside from that, another pair of sandals is Kaila. These slides take on a different style compared to cross straps. Instead of overlapping, the straps curve and attach to each other in the middle.

These two types of flat sandals blend well with your skin and the shade of the sand. Wear it on the way to the beach, on the sand, and back home. However, take note: the abaca material in the sandals is not meant to be soaked in water. To keep the quality of the sandals, avoid using it to walk near the shore.

Cross-Strapped with Buckle Slides

Cross Strapped With Buckle Slides

Consisting of lesser wide straps, the Maya Natural cross-strapped slides take the sandal style to a whole different level. The animal-printed buckle in the center of the strap intersection adds a statement to the entire look. The printed buckle complements the wheat-colored abaca straps well, giving it a semitropical suburban look. The slides are perfect with plain or animal-printed bikini pieces. Toss over a hat and a see-through coverup to complete the primadonna look.

Three Narrow-Strapped Slides

Three Narrow Strapped Slides

If you are looking for more boyish sandals, Nica is made up of three black narrow-strapped slides that are the perfect pair for you. For the go-getter and adventurous, these sandals remain the most suitable footwear. It consists of silver buckets that can be adjusted to tightly hug the feet or become looser. The straps are covered in plastic film, which allows you to freely walk near the shore. Moreover, the three straps prevent the occasional waves from sweeping it away from under your feet. Wear it on the way to the beach, on the sand, as well as going home. Walk comfortably whether you are on pavement or wet sand.

Banig-Made Slippers

Slippers made out of banig

Are you savvy for everything cultural and ethnic? Rhea Banig in brown are the wide strapped sandals are for you! The sandals are inspired by your grandmother’s favorite banig bedroom slippers. The only difference between the two is that the Rhea sandals have a more conventional touch to it compared to the traditionally weaved banig slippers. Wear slippers together with your denim or other coverups. Carry a banig-made sling bag for an even better beach OOTD shot.

Key Takeaway

Sandals have become beach essentials. One that you can use in the city and on the sand. Aside from that, go for a pair that can easily be packed and carried from anywhere on the beach to anywhere in between. Take your favorite flat sandals from the Philippines to any beach you will visit. Regardless of whether your beach vacation is within the country or not, having a pair of trendy and comfortable sandals can change the entire mood of your outfit.

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