June 26, 2018

What are the best and most creative ways to make use of leftover ceramic tiles?

  1. Little Black Dress
  2. Nude Shoes
  3. Scarves
  4. Hats
  5. Watches
  6. Confidence

We all have our own personal styles. Even if we’re heavily influenced by a certain style icon, at some point we have altered it and created something that represents who we are. This may mean that we favor wearing sandals in the Philippines, thick and layered clothing, or accessories that are way out of the ordinary. All that is fine. As the saying goes – to each his/her own.

However, there are accessories that are considered universally versatile. These are accessories that some, including us, would say that every woman needs in her closet or cabinet. Things that would instantly complete an otherwise bland look. Something that can be used on a daily basis without ever getting boring. Or a simple accessory that you can put on when you’re in rush.

The things that will undoubtedly complete your wardrobe and top off your outfit are all listed below:


Little Black Dress

Okay, we may be cheating a bit here since a little black dress isn’t technically an accessory but an actual piece of clothing but bear with us. This is the only time we’ll mention something outside what is advertised – promise.

Nothing is as timeless as a little black dress. It is indispensable and always in style or en vogue as fashion experts would say. It is a staple piece that is both functional and glamorous. You can use it for any occasion including but not limited to cocktail parties, work functions, and night-outs.

No matter what style or length, a perfectly-fitting little black dress is stunning enough on its own. Yet if you want to add more layers, it is also the best blank slate for styling and accessorizing.


Nude Shoes

Need something to pair with your closet that is full of colorful prints and patterns? Or something to give your office look an authoritative and professional sophistication? Nude shoes are the answer!

They work with almost every kind of clothing. On top of this, if you wear colorful prints with bare legs, a pair of nude shoes will make your legs look longer and leaner. As for your work outfits, partner your pants and suits with nude pumps or heels to elevate it and take you from your sad cubicle to your personal corner office.



You can achieve a higher level of style with a few – maybe two or three – scarves. A good scarf is a versatile item that can be used as a headband, summer pareo or a turban. It can also be that splash of color that your outfit needs. That said, scarves should feature great and popping colors and patterns, and you shouldn’t really bother with neutral-toned ones.



The best way to put together an outfit according to a certain trend is to complete it with a hat. Hats are very specific in style, so this is the easiest way to do it.

Unfortunately, most women disregard hats because they think they don’t have the face for it. We’re telling you now that that kind of thinking and belief is, for lack of better word, silly. Hats are available in a large variety of styles and colors and every woman can look extremely chic in one.

Aside from that, they can be used to conceal bed or bad hair and keep UV rays off of your smooth and delicate facial skin.



A watch doesn’t just help you be on time; it also adds a layer of sophistication and polish to your look. There are two types of watches that you should have in your drawer: a casual watch and a dress watch.

Preferably, your casual watch should have a leather band that is in a neutral color. This way, you can still pair it with different metal bracelets and other accessories. Alternatively, an all-gold or all-silver watch makes for the ideal dress watch that you can pair with elastic bracelets of the same tone and color.

Your watches don’t have to be expensive or from a name brand; all that matters is that it feels and looks good with your wardrobe.



Confidence is an accessory that everyone should wear, so we aren’t breaking our initial promise.

Regardless of what you’re wearing and of what people think of what you’re wearing, the most important part is that you are confident and proud of the style choices you have made.

The most alluring woman often walks in a room with an enchanting smile and a noticeable air of confidence, so make sure not to leave home without it!

Key Takeaway

We’re not telling you to go out and buy all these accessories right now or even ever – that decision is purely yours to make. The message we’re trying to send is that if you ever want to step up your accessorizing, then you may want to opt for the ones listed above.

They’re just as essential as sandals in the Philippines or winter coats in Canada and are guaranteed to fully serve their purpose and more. They’re also expected to be in style for years and decades to come, maybe even more!

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